Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I have a blog? What Joey needs...

I really have meant to post every week for the last three months, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to do it! Avoiding for some reason. Maybe because I can't think of anything interesting, funny, witty to say.

So, to start off the year right I thought I would bloglift from someone funny and witty (thank's Jane)! My list of what "Joey Need's" according to google...(you can do this too, just type your name and needs and post the first 10 findings)

1. Joey needs some Nikes (so true, I need new aerobic's shoes)
2. Joey needs to shoot more
3. Joey needs formula (hope not)
4. Joey needs some help (always)
5. Joey needs some encouragement (yes)
6. Joey needs a sidekick
7. Joey needs a nap (love it)
8 . Joey needs to start a blog (amen, or just update)
9. Joey needs an angel
10. Joey needs a home (how about just a clean one)


Dave & Sherri said...

YEA!!! I love reading your posts! I hope all is going well for you and your fantastic family! :) Have a most wonderful day!

Kirem said...

Too funny. I'm going to have to try that one!

Kirem said...

Oh, by the way, KIrem is actually Tiffany. I forgot I was logged in under Erik's user name.

Di said...

I was going to ask you when I saw you at Stake Conf about why you don't blog anymore... I thought that preschool might be keeping you from it. I'm glad you finally blogged again, but I'm worried that were not friends any more since I didn't see my blog on the right side bar... boo hoo :(

onceapickle said...

Welcome back! This made my whole day. :)

You are witty and clever and awfully funny if you ask me.

Lance and Raegan said...

Um, can I PLEASE be your sidekick?

kacee said...

K - I totally clicked on your blog expecting no update and was planning to leave a comment saying that you promised...Yay! So glad you are back!

I could use almost everything on that list...

Can't wait to make you something fabulous! he he

We are the Mayletts said...

i totally havn't blogged forever either!! I don't even know where to start now!
P.S. I miss you! I havn't seen you forever.