Friday, February 29, 2008

ABC about Me

A - Attached or Single ? Attached.

B - Best Friend ? You know I am going to say Richard, Longest bf that I can always catch up with - Amy, Best couple friend - Maylett's, bff - my Family, love that my sisters are also my bf's.

C - Cake or Pie ? Cookies. =)

D - Day of Choice ? is always a happy day, with lots to look forward to.

E - Essential Item ? Lotion, lip gloss, book or magazine.

F - Favorite Color ? Clothes - black and brown. House - Green, Black.

G - Gummy Bears of Worms ? Worms.

H - Home Town ? SLC.

I - Favorite Indulgence ? Hair cuts and colors, girls nights out, eating out.

J - January or July ? This should not even be a question! JULY (does anyone like Jan better?). Bring on the heat and the sun.

K - Kids ? 4 - Kaela, Sam, Karissa, Addy

L - Life Isn't Complete Without ? Richard, my family, the gospel and CHOCOLATE!

M - Married ? You know it.

N - Number of Siblings ? 3

O - Oranges or Apples ? Apples all the way, peeling oranges makes my cuticles hurt!

P - Phobia or Fears ? Fears.

Q - Favorite Quote ? So many, I LOVE quotes, but my favorite because I think it is so true in this never ending world of stuff..."The secret to having it believing that you do."

R - Reason to Smile ? A clean house, kids that play together, a husband that cleans that bathrooms...irons... plays with the kids, a car that now works, and cute baby clothes.

S - Superman or Wonder Woman ? Neither

T - Tag 5 People Anyone reading this!

U - Unknown Fact about Me ? Love to write, love to think, loved school.

V - Favorite Vegetable ? Broccoli, green beans

W - Worst Habit ? Going to bed too late

X - X-Rays ? Only once, when Karissa broke my nose, not to fun!

Y- Your Favorite Food ? Where to start? Cafe Rio pork, really good steak, warm bread, chocolate chip cookies, mashed potato's, water, diet coke.

Z - Zodiac Sign ? Libra

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kaela's got Pride!

It is pride week at the kids school and Kaela won the pride award for her class! Every teacher nominated a student who shows outstanding citizenship at school by helping other kids, having a positive attitude and finishing their work. She won this cute bag full of "pride" items. So proud of Kaela, she's got pride and so does her Mom (indulge me here, not quite sure if any of my other cuties will be as sweet as Kaela). =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Band Aid Bliss

Karissa is in the band aid loving stage. She is almost happy to get hurt so she can put a band aid on! The house went very quiet yesterday and I knew she had to be up to something...look what I found!

Might I add she did a fabulous job on those! Now, if only she is like Kaela and is instantly healed as soon as a band aid touches her skin. That was worth having to buy a box of band aids a week, for sure!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For your date tonight....

I ran across this fun game to play with your special someone. Could be fun for dinner conversation or use it for a date after the kids are in bed. Happy Love Day!

20 Questions Game
Each of you should take a piece of paper and pen. Together, randomly decide on 20 numbers between 1 and 60. Write the numbers down in a column on the left hand side of the paper. Below is a list of numbered questions. Beginning with the numbers you have selected, each of you should ask your partner this question. If your partner answers correctly (you be the judge), he or she receives the number of points indicated for that question, and you receive one point. If your partner answers incorrectly, neither of you receives any points. The same rules apply when you answer the questions.

1. Name my two closest friends. (2)
2. What is my favorite musical group, composer, or instrument? (2)
3. What was I wearing when we first met? (2)
4. Name one of my hobbies. (3)
5. Where was I born? (1)
6. What stresses am I facing right now? (4)
7. Describe in detail what I did today, or yesterday. (4)
8. When is my birthday? (1)
9. What is the date of our anniversary? (1)
10. Who is my favorite relative? (2)
11. What is my fondest unrealized dream? (5)
12. What is my favorite flower? (2)
13. What is one of my greatest fears or disaster scenarios? (3)
14. What is my favorite time of day? (3)
15. What makes me feel most competent? (4)
16. What turns me on? (3)
17. What is my favorite meal? (2)
18. What is my favorite way to spend an evening? (2)
19. What is my favorite color? (1)
20. What personal improvements do I want to make in my life? (4)
21. What kind of present would I like best? (2)
22. What was one of my best childhood experiences? (2)
23. What was my favorite vacation? (2)
24. What is one of my favorite ways to be soothed? (4)
25. Who is my greatest source of support (other than you)? (3)
26. What is my favorite sport? (2)
27. What do I most like to do with time off? (2)
28. What is one of my favorite weekend activities? (2)
29. What is my favorite getaway place? (3)
30. What is my favorite movie? (2)
31. What are some of the important events coming up in my life? How do I feel about them? (4)
32. What are some of my favorite ways to work out? (2)
33. Who was my best friend in childhood? (3)
34. What is one of my favorite magazines? (2)
35. Name something I just can't stand to do? (3)
36. What would I consider my ideal job? (4)
37. What do I fear the most? (4)
38. Who is my least favorite relative? (3)
39. What is my favorite holiday? (2)
40. What kinds of books do I most like to read? (3)
41. What is my favorite TV show? (2)
42. Which side of the bed do I prefer? (2)
43. What am I most sad about? (4)
44. Name one of my concerns or worries. (4)
45. What medical problems do I worry about? (2)
46. What was my most embarrassing moment? (3)
47. What was my worst childhood experience? (3)
48. Name two of the people I most admire. (4)
49. Name my major rival or enemy. (3)
50. Of all the people we both know, who do I like the best? (3)
51. What is one of my favorite desserts? (2)
52. What is my favorite room in the house? (2)
53. Name one of my favorite novels. (2)
54. What is my favorite restaurant? (2)
55. What are two of my aspirations, hopes, wishes? (4)
56. Do I have a secret ambition? What is it? (4)
57. What foods do I hate? (2)
58. What is my favorite animal? (2)
59. What is my favorite song? (2)
60. Which sports team is my favorite? (2)

Source: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M. Gottman, Ph.D and Nan Silver. Copyright 1999. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc.

Monday, February 11, 2008

On My Mind

Let's be honest, as a mother I have spent way more time in the last 8 years in public restrooms than any human should! Every time I am with my kids anywhere, I always end up finding myself in those germ filled, smelly places! My family can vouch for me on this. And while I don't loathe the public restroom as much as my sister Casey, it is not my favorite place for sure, and the more time I spend there the more they gross me out. Restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, gas stations, you name the place...I've been in their bathroom.

What is so magnetic about these places for kids? For the last year I have been drilling my kids as to whether they need to go EVERY time we leave the house. The answer is always NO...and then where do I find myself an hour later? You guessed it.

This weekend while out for a nice family lunch, Sam suddenly had to go. Feeling glad to be off the hook since Richard was with me, I just sat back. What luck, the men's bathroom was locked and no one came out and no one came out. I gave up and agreed to the job. While taking Sam, I had an epiphany. I finally realized why kids can't get enough of this place. Magic. Flushing when you stand up, water than runs as soon as you put your hands under the facet, and as Sam demonstrated, towel paper that comes out when you "use the force". How is a nice clean bathroom at home to compete with that? It can't I tell you.

So for now, while my kids are so much into the magic of everything of life, I'll just get use to. In fact I had this funny thought come into my head (an adaptation of a sweeter poem):

No matter what,
No matter where,
If there's a public bathroom,
The Brough's will be there.

What a reward for potty training!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Go Hannah

Kaela and I had a fun mother-daughter date this weekend, Hannah Montana the concert movie! We went with Ang and Moira, which Kaela loved. It was so great to be together, and I honestly think I am way better at this Mom thing after age 8. We rocked out and laughed and Kaela screamed a little. I am still a little baffled on why this movie is twice as much as a regular one (can anyone help me here?), but none the less we had some great bonding time together. After we stopped at the Chevron/McDonalds for a treat. Who would have thought that Kaela would have chosen a donut over a kids meal? Oh well, I was just great to not have to eat at McDonalds and get a diet coke out of it. I can tell these next ten years are going to be fun...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Did you know that a root canal can fail? Well, I am here to tell you that it can and does. A root canal that I had done about 2 1/2 years ago apparently failed and gave me a nasty infection and lots and lots of pain. Had it repaired yesterday and am hoping for the best!

During one of my moaning episodes yesterday (I am not good with pain and I think I'd rather go through childbirth again than a horrible toothache) Sam just blurted out, "That's why I don't want to be a grown up." Well said Sam.

Friday, February 1, 2008


All I am going to say, is NEVER buy a Dodge!!! So, my engine went out on my van this week. Right on the way to pick the kids up from school. Lost power, coasted into Holiday and have never been so grateful for a cell phone, ever. I was so glad that I didn't bring a coat and Karissa had no shoes on, so fun when trying to push a van up into the Holiday parking lot in 20 degree weather. I squeezed Kaela's coat on, and just wanted to start singing the "Fat guy in a little coat" song. Actually, my self esteem was boosted a little, I could put it on (just a little skin tight!). Thanks to Michael, my awesome bro-in-law, we were rescued in just a few minutes.

And the funniest part of all of this, trying to fit our family of 6 in our other car that only fits 5! On the bright side, it's not January anymore!!! And, if anyone has ever wanted to drive us around, now is your chance. I've got the next five days open!