Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Fast is Over!

My sugar fast has come to an end. Yes, I did it! Here are the most commonly asked questions I heard during the 40 days!

Q: So, have you lost weight?
A: I lost 15 pounds. Not bad, but that wasn't just because of sugar. I joined (highly recommend it, it's free) which gives you a daily calorie target. It also has an amazing database of foods and logs exercise too (thanks for the tip Amy and Caroline). I also exercised 4 times a week. I did two days of 60+ minutes of high intensity work outs (running, elliptical, step class, etc.) and two days of toning (Pilate's or strength training). That was pretty doable. This body still needs tons of toning and a few more 15 pound losses (sigh)...

Q: Did you completely go off ALL sugar?
A: No, come on people. This is me. I gave up all TREATS (candy, chocolate, cake, brownies, etc). I still ate bread and pasta (and condiments). I probably would have done better without these things, but really I know I can't live without regular food. I still haven't made the "food is only to fuel the body" connection. Probably never will. I still enjoy eating socially. The good news is that since I wasn't wasting so many calories on sugar, I could fill up on food. I ate pretty healthy, but no starving going on.

Q: Did you have sugar with drawl?
A: Amazingly enough, no. The first week wasn't that hard for me. Later on, the afternoons were the roughest time for me. That is the time I really wanted to rip open a snickers!

Q: Did you cheat?
A: No! Okay, I guess so if I have to count the one time I mindlessly ate apples with caramel dip at McDonald's, the very first week. I didn't even realize it until 5 minutes later! But, I never snuck into my pantry and gobbled up treats (I have come so far =))!

Q: So what was the first sugar you ate?
A: The treat I really missed during my "fast" was chocolate chip cookies. So, I had frozen one from a lunch date with some friends at Paradise Bakery. That was my first treat. Along with 5 mini Reese's eggs and some trail mix with m&m's. The result wasn't good. I got a stomach ache, big time. The candy was NOT worth it, didn't even taste that good. The cookie, um...that was pretty tasty.

Q: What now?
A: I honestly had so much energy without sugar, I felt awesome. We have a trip coming up and I would love to lose a few more pounds before then. So, I will eat treats this Easter Weekend, but starting Monday another 3 week sugar fast.

Q: The best part?
A: Realizing that I can say no. I have always felt pretty weak, but I did it. More to prove it to myself then anyone else. The weight loss and energy are a bonus. Also, I had some amazing family and friends who joined me on this 40 day journey. My friend Amy said it was like silent bonding. I love that, exactly what I felt. I love you girls. Hope you feel healthier too!

Q: The worst part?
A: Passing up cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. That was hard! I better head there this weekend...

Any takers on my 3 week challenge?


Lance and Raegan said...

You r amazing! I'll think about creating a silent bond w/you but it will kill me to give up all the staples of my diet: chocolate, candy, cookies, etc.

Jane said...

Yea Joey!! Thank you SO much for introducing me to myfitnesspal, I am so excited about it.

onceapickle said...

Way to go, Joey! I'm impressed beyond words. This post was so great...and informative! I will not commit for sure, but I am considering joining you for the next 3 weeks. You've given me hope! :)

Carrie said...

good for you! i don't think i could do it! chocolate chip cookies (any cookie for that fact) and peanut butter cups are my weakness too! but i agree, after so long with out it when you do indulge it is very few because it makes you so sick! way to go!

Ashley said...

Joining you again Jo! Hope this next 3 weeks can be as successful for us as last time!

Carolyn said...

WTG Joey! You are awesome! I'm glad it went so well for you.
Love the Love Cafe idea! So festive!

Alicia said...

Wow Joey,
I am very tempted to try it! I don't know about 40 days, that makes me a little scared. haha.

No but seriously, I think I might try it for the rest of April and see how I'm feeling and go from there.
I would munch on sugar all day if I could get away with it..oh heck, who am I kidding, I do!

Thanks for being a great role model for me. Can I really do this?

Laura Winkler said...

JOEY!!!! Imagine my surprise when I saw the link to your blog on another blog I follow. I'm going to have fun "keeping tabs" on you guys! We do the "health challenges" from Trav's work too. The sugar fast is my favorite. Our kids also participate (they still eat treats in social settings) but we're all in much better spirits without all the junk in our bodies. Hmmm...the only catch we have is living so close to grandma. She loves to bring over cookies! :O)

{jane} said...

i am so proud of you, for even attempting this - did you make it the other three weeks? have you adapted the 'no treats' to life since lent??? {just curious!}

hope all is well. hugs.