Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting to it, finally

1. Crafting. I really love creating things, but there are just so many other things I need to do that I rarely, if ever, craft anymore. But, I got a little crafty for valentines, look what I made
2. Organizing. I love everything organized and in its place! I am so very far from organized right now. But I finally got Karissa's bows organized. I saw this on someone's blog a year ago, and finally got to it!

3. Don't laugh too hard, but I took a dance technique class last week. Crazy as it was, it was fun, until the next day when I couldn't walk down the stairs. I forgot how dancing uses so many muscles. Any takers in going to the class with me? No pictures from this one!

4. Home projects. Since we moved into our home in WJ we have kind of decided on just letting it be. We did so much in our last home and then we moved. Since we aren't sure if this is our forever home (if only I had a different driveway!) we have been layed back on the home improvements. But, our neighbor built us some shelving in the kids closets and Richard and Sam painted. Loving them so much!

So, it feels good to have a couple of things checked off the "would like to do" list.